Newington, VA

Looking for fast, affordable assistance with WiFi setup, TV installations, computer repairs, smart home security, and more? Look no further than TekDash! If you’re in Newington and have ever wished for effortless home tech services at your fingertips, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot. Our top-rated home tech professionals are here to handle it all as the top rated technology support service in Virginia. Get started with TekDash today!

TekDash Reviews Tekdash

Paul did this work very well. I explained my problems, Paul solved all of them. He's cheerful and competent, so I'm happy with his work. I will contact TekDash again if I have any problems.

Steve A.
Arlington, VA

Can you screw something up so I don't have to think of you as superhuman?

William W.
Hyattsville, MD

Everything went really well with Amol. He was able to make the fix we hoped and do the trick (yay!) so I am really pleased, of course. Thank you for your help in putting us together.

Jane C.
Washington, DC

Fast response, courteous tech, and fixed it the first time for a VERY reasonable price! I will use them again and highly recommend them.

Susan I.
Bowie, MD

TekDash was the only company with a vision to see past the generic connecting of wires and came up with an innovative solution for the installation of my home theatre and all its components. The work was done professionally and the price was reasonable. I will highly recommend them, for any job, big or small.

Larry P.
Alexandria, VA

Kevin worked hard to complete my project on time. I appreciated his persistence in getting the job done and would recommend his services to anyone.

Suzanne L.
Washington, DC

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Smart home security system

Smart Home Security Setup

Discover peace of mind with our Smart Home Security Setup, tailored for both residential and small businesses. Our service begins with a personalized assessment, ensuring your security system fits your space’s unique requirements. We focus on integrating advanced, user-friendly security technologies that safeguard your property effectively. Trust TekDash for comprehensive support and a security solution that offers both safety and convenience, all designed around your needs.

Starting at $145

TekDash technician setting up new ethernet cable installation

New Ethernet Cable Installation

Unlock amazing internet connectivity with our professional Ethernet cable installation services. Whether for your home network setup or office, TekDash offers a solution just for you. Schedule a free on-site check today to get a customized quote. A $50 deposit is needed for the appointment, but it's fully refundable and credited towards your installation if you proceed. Our experts are great at fast and reliable network installations, making sure your devices get high-speed, dependable internet. From homes to offices, TekDash is here to improve your network experience with our expert ethernet cable installation services.

Starting at $50

TV installation and mounting service

TV Mounting & Installation

Schedule an in-home walkthrough to receive a quote. Service starts at $100. Factors like location (e.g. over fireplace), materials (e.g. brick walls) and other details may incur addional costs. Your Tek will determine these during your walkthrough.

Starting at $100

Printer set up in home office

Printer Setup

Home printer devices can be the most frustrating devices to set up in a home office. Don't get tangled up over your new printer setup. Get a professional IT guy to hook it up for you. No user manuals or Youtube setup tutorials necessary.

Starting at $145

New Computer Setup

New Computer Setup

Got a new computer? Start off right with TekDash's expert new computer setup services. We offer the fastest and simplest way to set up your new PC. For top performance, rugged security, and seamless compatibility with all your accessories, rely on our service. Whether you need help on how to configure a new laptop or set up a new laptop computer, TekDash is here to ensure your new device is ready to go

Starting at $60

Video streaming device setup from TekDash

Video Streaming Device Setup

If you love your shows as much as we do, then you have got to have your Netflix, Hulu, Disney + and Prime TV content at your fingertips. Looking to cut your cable bill and switch to streaming? Get an expert entertainment specialist to walk you through the process.

Starting at $145

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