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"I usually don’t write reviews, especially when the service is so good, but I am writing to tell everyone what a great job that Brandon from TekDash has done with my house ethernet. 

Let me backup. I upgraded to 1GB from Verizon since I am working from home (like a lot of us). The problem is that Verizon now brings in not only the cable wire, but CAT 6 directly into the house. (not through the router anymore). I did not have CAT 6 anywhere near there. I invited TekDash to come in and give an estimate to fix that problem, wire the whole house for CAT 6, and generally clean up cables near the disaster that is the living room entertainment system.

Enter Brandon. An energetic young man with a passion for home networking and security systems and a hatred for visible wires. Polite, and respectful, he gave a great quote which matched or beat the other 2 contractors.

Brandon did a great job. He was here 4 evenings (he goes to school during the day) and my wired and wireless is the fastest I have ever seen. He convinced me to upgrade my mesh network (not from him) and helped me install that and get the best performance from it. He expertly patched the holes that he had to make (we agreed in advance about this) and even told me how to get the best wireless up on my rooftop deck (again, not a solution he sells so it wasn’t an upsell but an honest opinion). This guy had to crawl through my 41" high basement and my attic with even less clearance to get wires run but it was no problem for him!

I could not be more pleased. The network works great and the entertainment system is now cleaned up with all wires hidden. You don’t normally find passion like this for a job well done today, but that passion is there in spades from Brandon. Truly great service from this company and from Brandon."

Jim Sweeney

Washington, DC

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