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I have booked my TekDash service. Now what?

I received a confirmation email stating that TekDash is currently assigning my Tek, but I haven't received any update yet. What do I do?


My TekDash Tek fixed my problem, but then the issue came back later. What do I do?

My repair is complete, when will I receive the final invoice to pay?

How will TekDash help me?

Do I need remote or on-site support? 

What is remote support? How does remote support work?

I’d like to switch my service from on-site to remote service - or vice-versa - how can I do that? 

How do I book a service appointment?

How soon can I book an appointment?

How much will my service cost?

Are you in my area?

What kinds of services do you provide?

Do you install network ethernet wiring throughout the home? 

I don't know what service I need. Can you help?

Will you teach me how to use my tech?

How much will my service cost?

How much are remote, on demand services?

How much are on-site services?

What is a Quality Assurance fee?

TekDash Reviews Tekdash

Paul did this work very well. I explained my problems, Paul solved all of them. He's cheerful and competent, so I'm happy with his work. I will contact TekDash again if I have any problems.

Steve A.
Arlington, VA

Can you screw something up so I don't have to think of you as superhuman?

William W.
Hyattsville, MD

Everything went really well with Amol. He was able to make the fix we hoped and do the trick (yay!) so I am really pleased, of course. Thank you for your help in putting us together.

Jane C.
Washington, DC

Fast response, courteous tech, and fixed it the first time for a VERY reasonable price! I will use them again and highly recommend them.

Susan I.
Bowie, MD

TekDash was the only company with a vision to see past the generic connecting of wires and came up with an innovative solution for the installation of my home theatre and all its components. The work was done professionally and the price was reasonable. I will highly recommend them, for any job, big or small.

Larry P.
Alexandria, VA

Kevin worked hard to complete my project on time. I appreciated his persistence in getting the job done and would recommend his services to anyone.

Suzanne L.
Washington, DC

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