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I have booked my TekDash service. Now what?

I received a confirmation email stating that TekDash is currently assigning my Tek, but I haven't received any update yet. What do I do?


My TekDash Tek fixed my problem, but then the issue came back later. What do I do?

My repair is complete, when will I receive the final invoice to pay?

How will TekDash help me?

Do I need remote or on-site support? 

What is remote support? How does remote support work?

I’d like to switch my service from on-site to remote service - or vice-versa - how can I do that? 

How do I book a service appointment?

How soon can I book an appointment?

How much will my service cost?

Are you in my area?

What kinds of services do you provide?

Do you install network ethernet wiring throughout the home? 

I don't know what service I need. Can you help?

Will you teach me how to use my tech?

How much will my service cost?

How much are remote, on demand services?

How much are on-site services?

What is a Quality Assurance fee?


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