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Sure, anyone can hang a TV on the wall. But home entertainment is so much more than just the screens and speakers. Create a truly inviting entertainment experience to enjoy with friends, family and neighbors alike. Book an expert Tek to turn your "TV room" into the home theater you deserve.




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Hook up and organize all your home theater device cables and cords

Configure all device settings to fit the requirements of your unique theater space

Test connection strength, sound, and video quality for your home theater

Show you how to use your entertainment system for the best possible experience

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Family time, game time, and down-time are so much more rewarding when you can enjoy it in your very own home theater.

With TekDash Audio Visual installation services, you'll get a high quality entertainment experience designed to meet your unique needs and specifications. Turn movie night into an adventure, get a gaming setup that will make their friends jealous, and play concert-quality music in the comfort of your own home.

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