TekDash Partners with Nest Smart Thermostat

TekDash Begins Partnership with Nest

TekDash has officially partnered with Nest! TekDash is now a certified Nest professional installer. Our certified Teks can now deliver on-demand installation and support for all of your Nest smart home devices. Some popular Nest products our customers are using are:

- Google Nest Thermostats

- Google Nest Doorbells

- Google Nest Indoor/Outdoor Cameras

- And more...

TekDash will soon be rolling out Nest device sales plus installations for a fixed price to customers in the DC Metropolitan area. Now customers can use TekDash as a one-stop shop to purchase the Nest and installation bundle directly! TekDash loves saving our customers time, money, and frustration.  

What is Google Nest Thermostat?

Google Nest Thermostats are smart thermostats that allow you to control your heating and cooling from anywhere automatically. In just a week of using Nest, it will automatically adjust the temperature to align with your preferences. In addition to learning your desired temperature, Nest will detect when you are home & automatically raise the temperature. When you're not home, Nest will lower the temperature to save energy. If you want to adjust the temperature of your home you can easily change it with an app on your smart phone or even connect it to a smart assistant like Alexa or Google Home.  

What is Google Nest Doorbell?

Google Nest Doorbell (also called Nest Hello) is a smart doorbell that replaces your existing wired doorbell. It gives you HD video of who/what is at your door at any time! With 24/7 video streaming you will always be able to know what is at your doorstep - even at night! It also allows you to go back in history to see video from 3 hours back.  

What is Google Nest Indoor/Outdoor Camera?

Google Nest cameras can be used indoor and outdoor, which means you will never miss anything and can assure you, your family and your friends are safe. It also has some great features like motion detection that can send you alerts when motion is detected. You can also have conversations through the camera - which is a great way to scare off unwelcome guests or to have conversations with friends and family. There is a face recognition feature which can alert you when familiar or unfamiliar faces are around. Google also provides 24/7 cloud storage which gives you access to 30 days of video history!