Step up your culinary game with these smart home tech devices

It's about time you upgraded your kitchen. 

Easily clean hands, dishes, and your sink with Delta Smart Faucet

If you've ever clumsily attempted to turn on your kitchen sink using your elbow or forearm on account of grubby, grimy hands, you understand the convenience offered by the Delta Trinsic VoiceIQ smart faucet. This sleek, stainless steel kitchen sink faucet looks just as attractive as any other, equipped with the essential pull-down sprayer feature, but with a particularly smart upgrade. The Delta VoiceIQ uses Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to allow users to do some really nifty things. Not only can you turn your faucet on and off with voice command, but you can even tell your faucet to pour out specific amounts of water (goodbye measuring cups!) or change the temperature of your water midstream! This smart faucet can even tell how hot or cold the water is with automatic LED lighting that changes the water color to reflect the temperature of the stream.  

Easily access to your favorite recipes with Amazon Echo Show

There is no culinary process more outdated and inconvenient than paper cookbooks or recipes printed out from websites. And don't get me stared with trying to follow along a recipe from your phone display. What a mess! Well, the Amazon Echo Show is like an Alexa device made specifically for the kitchen. With the Echo Show, you can watch cooking shows, view recipe tutorial videos, open your favorite recipe websites, add items to your grocery list, and yes, even order takeout or delivery with your voice, without lifting a finger. Never burn or overcook dinner again! Just ask Alexa to set a timer to whatever length needed. And if you can't remember something simple, like how long to cook a soft boiled egg, simply ask Alexa your cooking question and get an instant answer.  

culinary tablet

Easily prep and cook dinners with the app-enabled June oven

It's 2021. We were promised robot chefs! Well, as it stands, the June Oven is the closest thing we have to a robo-cooker, and fortunately, you don't have to worry about it going rogue (or scaring your pets and children). The June Oven is the smartest countertop cooking device that incorporates all the functionality of a toaster, grill, traditional convection oven, broiler, air fryer, slow cooker, dehydrator and more! With hundreds of pre-set programs already built into the easy to use interface, the June Oven is a truly one-of-a-kind essential smart device that instantly upgrades your kitchen set up to save you significant time, energy, and hassle. The app-enabled June Oven is compatible with Apple and Android devices, and even connects with Amazon Alexa enabled devices. These apps allow you to pre-heat and adjust temperatures from anywhere. You can even keep a watchful eye on your cooking food with a built in HD Smart camera! 


Easily execute advanced recipes with Anova Precision Cooker

This one is for the aspiring Iron Chefs out there. The precision "Sous Vide" cooking technique involves circulating water at ultra exact measurements to achieve expert results. If this sounds intimidating, then you need the easy to use, app-enabled, Anova Precision Cooker. This special sous vide "wand" clamps on to the side of any pot. The pot is then filled with water, set to the exact setting needed for your recipe, and food is submerged in the water (protected by a watertight bag). The advantage of using this smart device is that, unlike grilling or broiling, the precision cooker will always produce the exact same results every time. And while the sous vide method has been used for hundreds of years, the Anova smart kitchen boasts the world's largest collection of programmable sous vide recipes anywhere. 

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Easily take your kitchen setup to the next level with the GE Kitchen Hub 

As far as smart kitchen devices goes, the GE Kitchen Hub is like the Tesla roadster of smart kitchen upgrades. The Kitchen Hub combines multiple kitchen essentials into one sleek, functional, package. The Kitchen hub combines a smart, voice adjustable over-the-range ventilation hood with a connected touch-screen and voice activated interface that is like an Amazon Echo Show on steroids. Much like the Echo Show, the Kitchen Hub displays over 5000(!) recipes with step-by-step instructions. To make things even more convenient, the Kitchen Hub can (as the name implies) command and control all aspects of your kitchen, from other appliances like the oven or coffeemaker, to the lights and music! This unit is sure to make your life easier, and impress guests, too. 

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