Remote Work Got You Feeling Zoom Fatigue?

Boost Your Work From Home Productivity With These Innovative Tech Tools  

Zoom meetings can be exhausting.

They can also be terribly unproductive. Over the past few months, we've all become more accustomed to working remotely. This is mostly out of necessity, but also convenience and personal preference. Unfortunately, many remote work teams we have become dependent upon this one specific piece of technology.

Zoom, along with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and yes, Skype were lifesavers in 2020. They should all get a Nobel Peace Prize for holding the world together during the pandemic. Video conferencing is a powerful tool. But, it is not always the right communication tool for remote work.

Safe to say we've all heard about - or lived through - a video conference horror story. But instead of rehashing the downsides of video meetings, here are some helpful alternatives.

Remote workers love asynchronous communications.  Remote work success is all about productivity. Protect team members focus with asynchronous video communications. 

Remote Work Collaboration with Loom Video Messages

There are advantages to video communication compared to written words. Many people are more comfortable speaking their mind rather than putting pen to paper. Also, some ideas and concepts are difficult to articulate in writing. Loom is an easy to use video capture and messaging tool. This allows users to quickly record a brief video message and then share it with their team. Since most people can speak 3x faster than they can type, this is an obvious time saver. Effortless screen recording is another key benefit.

Remote work voice tool for convenient conversations Remote working made easier with convenient "always on" communications.

Stay Connected While Working From Home with Talkie

Sometimes you need to talk it out. Remote working arrangements stifle 1-on-1 verbal communication. Talkie - a new voice chat tool -fixes that with an "always on" real-time voice channels for remote teams.

Think of Talkie as an open conference call that never ends. Team members can pop in and out at their convenience without disturbing anyone. Talkie aims to reduce unnecessary meetings while also improving coworker relationships.

Remote work chat with TandemRemote work can still be creative, collaborative, and spontaneous with Tandem.

Virtual "Rooms" are the New Conference Table with

Need to look your coworkers in the eye (or share your screen)? Set your remote team up with virtual "rooms" where coworkers can meet face-to-face. Like Talkie, Tandem rooms are "always on" so no need to share invite links or coordinate calendars. Tandem users say it feels more like the team are working together, despite the distance. helps you keep your team engaged while working from home. Working from home should not precent you from keeping your team engaged and focused on OKRs and KPIs.

Keep Your Team Aligned & Motivated with the App

So now you've got your collaboration and communications systems in place. Your team is busy executing and getting things done. Well done! Now you have to figure out how you will keep your team motivated and in sync. Do your employees understand how their efforts contribute to the broader business objectives? is all about performance management, professional development, and goal setting. In a remote work setting, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. Keep your team engaged and rowing in the same direction.

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