Cord-Cutting: An Affordable Cable Alternative

Are you tired of paying a hefty amount for monthly television?

Studies show that on average, people are paying between $200 and $300 to keep themselves entertained with bloated channel bundles that could easily be replaced with streaming TV services at a fraction of the cost.

While channel bundles may cost around $3,000 per year, this amount could be dramatically reduced by half with cord-cutting and by using streaming services instead.

Research shows that most people of 15 years and older, spend an average of 2 hours and 46 minutes per day watching TV (this includes TV, DVDs, videos, or movies viewed on any device, but does not include cinema time).

People between the ages of 55 and 64 spend an average of 3 hours and 14 minutes watching TV per day. Those 65 and older spend an hour more viewing on-screen entertainment every day. 

These numbers and other data show us that the average cable bill now exceeds all other household utility bills combined

Although people have come to depend on home entertainment, there must be a more affordable way to have the shows we need. 

Cord-cutting may be the answer.

Cord cutting streaming services statistics
There are lots of reasons why people are ditching cable and cord cutting. Here are the most popular. 

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What Is Cord-Cutting?

Cord-cutters are people who cancel their cable subscriptions and stream entertainment using an antenna or internet-based streaming services.

Essentially, cord-cutting is about finding another way to watch the entertainment you desire, at a fraction of the cost of cable.

The TekDash cord-cutting service simplifies the transitional process so that you can avoid the hassle and complications of making the switch!

How Does A Cord-Cutting Service Work?

Step 1: Assessment Consultation

First, TekDash arranges a consultation to provide an estimated cost savings amount should you make the transition. Included in the consultation would be a discussion to gain a clear understanding of what’s important to you regarding the content you wish to view, as well as your viewing habits.

Your technology will be assessed and tested and you will be advised on whether your internet connection is fast enough for uninterrupted streaming and whether your equipment will work for streaming.

Step 2: Researching & Registering The Right Streaming Services

The tricky part for most people is trying to understand which streaming service(s) will be best suited for their needs. TekDash will review your viewing habits to suggest the right combination of streaming services.

In addition, your devices will be checked for viewing compatibility with the streaming services you’ve selected.

Viewing devices will be registered so that everything is ready for you to just log in and play.

Step 3: Setup On Devices

At this part of the process, TekDash sets up the right streaming services on all of your devices (TVs, tablets laptops, etc.) and will show you how to access your favorite content. 

Step 4: Disconnect Cable Boxes

The final step of the cord-cutting service is to disconnect the cable boxes. TekDash will unplug your cable boxes so you can return them at your local cable store and cancel your cable package! 

Benefits of Cord-Cutting 

Cord-cutting has one primary and major benefit for television viewers, and that’s to cut costs dramatically. 

While the average person may pay about $250 on cable per month, by cord-cutting, you can slash off around ¾ of the expense.

Where you may have been paying around $250, with cord-cutting, you could potentially save around $1,236 per year!

Cost of streaming service bundle versus cable
Cord Cutters stand to save hundreds - even thousands - of dollars per year on their entertainment services.

Not only does cord-cutting cut costs, but it also offers greater flexibility and choice. 

Benefits of a Cord-Cutting Service

One word to sum up the benefits of using the TekDash cord-cutting service: convenience. 

Where you may have been reluctant to cut the cord because it seemed so time-consuming and complicated, TekDash removes the pain and does it all for you. Once everything’s been set up, all you have to do is plug in ‘n play and sit back, knowing you’ve just saved a ton of money that can be used towards something else.

Quick Checklist: Is Cord-Cutting For You?

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, it may benefit you financially to cut the cord:

  1. Are you paying more than $50 for TV service? 
  2. Do you already have an internet connection at home, and use it for other things besides TV viewing?
  3. Do you want more choice and flexibility?
  4. Are you sick and tired of cable?
  5. Would you like to watch TV and shows from anywhere?

Next Steps

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