5 Tips to Improve Your Home WiFi

Slow speeds? Bad reception? Here are 5 ways you can expand the WiFi signal in your home:

  • Location, location, location

A wireless router needs to be placed in an open, central location, free from walls & other obstructions. Even heavy duty appliances and electronics can impact WiFi performance. Try elevating your router if possible to best avoid restrictions. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to improve your WiFi signal.

  • Add an antenna

If you already have an antenna in your home, try adding an external antenna as well, which provides a stronger signal. Make sure the external antenna is pointing in the direction of your weak spot for optimal signal strength.

  • Switch to 5GHz

If your router supports it, this will provide much faster data rates at short distances and is much less busy than 2.4GHz. If you’re unable to switch from 2.4GHz, try changing channels. If you have neighbors, odds are some channels will be busier than others. For example, if most other WiFi networks in your area are using channel 11, try using channel 6 or 1.

  • Upgrade to a Mesh-Based WiFi System

This is an almost foolproof way to eliminate dead zones and extend WiFi coverage. If you are in a larger home or a home with an unusual layout or multiple stories, you could benefit from a mesh-based system. Here are a few of the highest rated systems:

Mesh-Based WiFi Systems all find their strength in simplicity and range. All are effortless to install and provide you with a stronger signal throughout your entire home without the worry of obstructions.

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