5 Tips for a Smarter Home Gym Setup

Turn Your "Workout Space" Into a Smart Home Gym

If you invested in home exercise equipment or set up a home gym in the past 12 months, you are not alone. Pandemic related gym closures motivated millions of Americans to outfit their homes with fancy new exercise equipment in 2020. To help you make best use out of your new home gym, we've compiled a practical list of tech tips and tricks.



Smarter Home Gym Electronics: Get Grounded


One of the first considerations with any powered exercise device is access to an outlet. The power cord for most new smart exercise devices is between 5 and 6 feet. Many smart bikes, rowers, treadmills and now mirrors also allow ethernet connectivity. Don't get tripped up! Protect and organize your smart exercise tech cords and cables with these super handy Kootek flexible sleeves. Kootek offers versions in both black and white, and they can be cut to length to suit your specific space needs. These sleeves bundle and safeguard cords and cables but also make your smart home gym look nicer.


Smarter Home Gym Connectivity: Get (Your Internet) Up to Speed


Many smart exercise devices need internet connectivity to operate. Now, if you've turned your home office into a hybrid "work from home" and workout space, then you are probably in good shape, internet wise. [See what I did there?] If your home gym set up is located far away from a wifi router, this can be a real problem.


When streaming exercise classes on a Peloton, Mirror, or Nordic Track, you are going to want a fast, reliable internet connection in the home gym. Run a speed test on your wifi network to make sure you have enough bandwidth for your smart gym equipment. If you find your wifi network needs a boost, don't worry, you have plenty of options, from wifi extenders to mesh networks like Google Nest Wifi. For more help on this, check out our helpful guide on that topic here.



Fresher, Cleaner Air with Home Gym Air Filtration


Chances are your home gym isn't equipped with 30 foot ceilings and industrial grade air filtration units. That shouldn't stop you from making sure you're breathing freely while crushing the "WOD" in your smart, connected home gym.


The Geeni Home Air purifier system uses true HEPA certified technology to filter out 99.97% of all airborne particles. The Geeni works with voice operation through Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana. You can easily manage and schedule your Geeni home air filtration unit remotely with their companion mobile app.


If you are looking for an upgraded aesthetic and clean air in your home gym, you might opt for the popular Molekule Air Ionizer. The Molekule air ionizer are beautifully designed and look nice in a home gym space. They also feature the latest cutting edge air purification technology. The Molekule actually destroys airborne pollutants, instead of just trapping particles.


Looking for a low tech solution to improve your home gym air quality? Get your green thumb on with one of those "Swiss Cheese Plants" that seem to be popping up everywhere these days. The super trendy Swiss Cheese Plant, also know as a split-leaf Philodendron can actually improve indoor air quality. Look for the Monstera Deliciosa, that's this hearty tropical plant's latin name.


Smart Home Gym Ventilation: Get (air) moving


Don't let your home gym become a locker room. Stay cool while breaking a sweat with a smart connected fan. Dyson offers a number of sleek connected smart fans that double as air filtration and can be controlled with the Dyson mobile app. Technical Pro offers an absurdly affordable wifi-enabled and voice-assistant-compatible standing fan. Voice control can be pretty useful when you want to adjust the fan speed mid-streaming-workout. These fans can also be automated with IFTTT applets!


For more smart home device automation tips, check out our handy guide on IFTTT here.


Smart Plugs to Power Your Smart Home Gym.


With all this electronic equipment packed into your home gym, energy costs can creep up on you. Smart, connected wall plugs can add voice control to your home gym outlets. If you use Alexa voice assistant, then the Amazon Smart Plug is for you. These small and simple plugs can power down your equipment when you finish your workout. Alternatives like the Kasa power strip and Geeni smart surge protectors offer the same capabilities for Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana.


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